Hello & welcome to ‘Bright Starts Glasgow’

Why Bright Starts Children’s Nursery

Bright Starts Glasgow is a purpose built 2 storey nursery. We opened our doors in 2013. We have recently had a change in ownership and management in 2023.

 We are regulated by Care Inspectorate to provide all year-round care for children aged between 12 weeks to 5 years.

 The nursery has a fully enclosed play area, which offer free flow play opportunities – our indoor area is complemented by our outdoor play area. Allowing all our children to access the elements through an environment set up to promote risky play and holistic development.

Meet Our Educators

Our educators are dedicated to provide a calm, nurturing real life home to nursery environment to enable your child to reach their fullest potential.

Playroom Facilities

Our beautifully furnished playrooms reflect the perfect learning environment that will enable your child to learn and develop through child-led play. Your child will be encouraged to be independent and provided with the freedom to choose from a wide range of resources and activities.


Our areas within the playrooms focus on developing the curriculum, and provide the experiences and outcomes to promote learning. We ensure that your child has the opportunity to develop literacy and numeracy skills as well as promoting their health and wellbeing.

Learning Experiences

Using a wide range of open ended resources will enable you child’s learning in all areas, they will be challenged and stimulated gaining new experiences and lifelong skills.


Your child will be encouraged to form positive relationships with their peers which play a vital role in their social and emotional development, and will promote your child’s sense of their own identity.


Your child will be encouraged to develop and learn at their own pace, and staff will take into account your child’s interests and learning style through regular observations.

What The Parents Say

Our Playrooms

Our playrooms have been carefully designed to offer free flow opportunities for all our children from their playroom into their own garden. We have 4 main play areas within nursery, Baby room 0-2 years, Toddler room 2-3 years and Preschool room 3-5 years over two floors, where the children have opportunities to choose which area, they would like to explore. This allows our team to capture children’s interests and facilitate their learning through a wide range of learning opportunities. Your child will be allocated a key worker prior to their start date to ensure a smooth transition focusing on a healthy attachment with their key worker.

Baby Room

The ratio within our playrooms is 1 staff member for every 3 children in attendance.

Class Size: 12

Toddler Room

The ratio within our playrooms is 1 staff member for every 3 children in attendance..

Class Size: 24

Pre-School Room

The ratio within our playrooms is 1 staff member for every 5 children in attendance.

Class Size: 56

Your Children

We strive to ensure that your child is at the centre of everything we do by promoting educational learning content throughout all rooms focussing on children’s stages of development. We understand the importance of children having their own identity and celebrate children’s cultures by allowing them to express themselves whilst learning about the world around them. Partnership with parents/carers is important to us to promote a successful transition between our rooms, we endeavour that all parents/carers are a fundamental part of their child’s transitions and learning. We value all parents feedback and contributions to a new level by introducing a “what you said v’s what we did” communication book to evidence parent/cares voices


We take the safety of the children in our care very seriously, starting with our secure door entry system that we have at our main entrance. When collecting your child, access is gained by buzzing your required room and staff can view yourself through a camera and intercom within each room before being permitted entry. We also use a secure password system with each child when you require family or friends to pick them up.


Ensuring that your child is happy and secure at nursery is paramount to us here at Bright Starts Glasgow. To help us achieve this we provide the right level of transition between home and nursery, from room to room and from nursery to school. We strive to meet your child’s individual needs in a positive and nurturing manner, respecting their needs and desires. Staff are enthusiastic and motivated and provide a happy and relaxed atmosphere for your child to flourish in.


Taking into account Local and National guidelines, staff focus on the individual education needs of your child, developing and building on the skills to prepare them for the next chapter of their learning journey. All learning and play is child-led which allows your child to learn and develop at a pace that is unique their personal interests and experiences. Staff ensures that learning and play is stimulating, fun and encourages your child to engage fully within the Nursery.

Your children’s education and welfare are our main priorities