Baby Room

AGES 12 Weeks - 2 Years

We pride ourselves on creating a real home to nursery experience to support successful attachments with your baby.  Our baby room comprises of an open planned calm space to stimulate your child’s mind through a variety of natural and sensory exploration and their overall senses. The children have access to a safe space ready to enhance their understanding of making connections to the world around them. Creating an area that is cozy and calm promotes emotional well-being.

Our team value parent and child partnerships to help support the foundations of learning together. Our team play a key role in your child’s learning.

Over 30 Years Experience in the childcare & development sector

Toddler Room

AGES 2 - 3 Years

This room has been designed to expand on children’s skills with a real focus to support their development through meaningful observations and next steps to learning. This room offers a wide range of challenging experiences to capture your child’s interests – enhancing language and communication skills and early independence and responsibility skills. We build on experiences that support schematic play, developing social skills.

Our team understand the meaning of a successful transition whether that be through toilet training or transitioning to another room.

Purpose built play areas to capture your child’s interests

Preschool Room

AGES 3 - 5 Years

Our preschool room has been well resourced with open ended maths and literacy resources to support transitions from nursery into primary one. Our playroom is an extension of our garden with the garden being the third teacher. Free flow is encouraged daily to allow the children to engage in the elements and promote their overall holistic well-being. We offer a truly child led approach to learning. Our children’s learning is supported by Realising the Ambition and Curriculum for Excellence frameworks.

Our team understand the importance of consultation and exercising children’s rights and entitlements.

Fully skilled practitioners to get your child ready for primary school

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