0-2 Years

Our beautiful and stimulating playroom provides a full range of sensory experiences that are designed to facilitate a child’s natural inquisitive nature to explore and investigate. Allowing your child to develop their senses, cognitive abilities, early linguistic and social skills.

Our playrooms are equipped to promote physical skills such as sitting crawling and walking in a safe and nurturing environment.

Over 30 Years Experience in the childcare & development sector

2-5 Years

In our 2 to 5 room staff will focus and build on early independence and concentration skills. We will provide a wide range of learning experiences and resources to promote this.

Purpose built play areas to capture your child’s interests


Our extensive and well resourced playroom promotes the 8 curricular areas of “curriculum for excellence” and begins your child’s journey for nursery to school.

Children will benefit from the freedom to choose and access a wide range of resources to spark curiosity and interest.

Fully skilled staff & practitioners to get your child ready for primary school

Contact Us

If you should wish for further information or would like to arrange to come along and view the nursery then please feel free to contact us below by filling in the contact form.