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We are a private Children’s Nursery based in Blantyre. At Bright Starts Children’s Nursery we aim to provide the highest standard of care from 12 weeks to 5 years old.

To us, child development and promoting child independence are of the utmost importance. We provide a safe, secure and positive environment to nurture and educate each child as an individual.

In Bright Starts Children’s Nursery we provide a home from home environment that is stimulating, educational and friendly. Our highly qualified staff ensures that each child is encouraged to meet their full potential using the pre birth to three Curriculum for Excellence, HGIOELC and Care Standards.

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Snacks and Meals

– We pride ourselves at the Nursery with our approach to nutritional foods.
– All our meals are freshly cooked daily in our own kitchen by our qualified cook who provides a wide variety of nutritious, healthy snack and meals to suit all dietary and cultural requirements.
– Our menus are on a three week rota and are displayed on our parent’s notice board.
– Water and milk is offered throughout the day.
– Snacks and meals are included in the fees.
– Vegetarian options are available.
– We accommodate children with any special dietary requirements.

Working with Parents

Settling in – Leaving your child for the first time in nursery can be an extremely stressful time for both child and Parent; we therefore try and make this process as stress free as possible for everyone concerned.

We therefore offer settling in sessions so that your child can get acquainted with other children and staff. These short visits enable the child to build their confidence that their Parent or Carer will come back for them. It also helps the child familiarise themselves with the nursery and their new surroundings.

At first we encourage all Parents to spend some time, sharing with us the needs of your baby; their special preferences, dislikes, comforts, stage of development, and so on. The more we know, the more the nursery can be “just like home” with the added fun of new faces and things to do!

During settling in sessions the Parent or Carer can choose to be with their child, or they can choose to be out of sight while being able to observe their child when possible. Settling in sessions continue until Parents or Carers feel comfortable about leaving their child. Phoning the nursery to check on your child’s progress is also encouraged as it helps you and your child settle in and become confident in the nursery.

No child will be taken on an outing from the nursery until he or she is completely settled into their new environment.

Keyworker System

Every child within our nursery will be allocated their own Keyworker. This person is directly responsible for observing your child throughout their nursery sessions and then updating their achievements and individual learning plans. This ensures personal attention to the needs and development of each individual child and family and is designed to make settling into the nursery much easier.

Furthermore, our Keyworker system ensures that the Keyworker is in a position to tailor the curriculum to suit the individual needs of each child. Each Keyworker encourages all parents and carers to forge special working partnerships with all staff which helps them get an invaluable, in depth, insight into the progress your child is making.

Babies and toddlers have infant feeding / sleeping charts which are recorded in our daily diaries to take home at the end of each day. It is helpful if Parents provide us with feedback and pass them back each morning.

Children’s Progress

A record of achievement for each child is maintained and updated throughout the year. Staff use careful observation methods to ensure that each child is making appropriate progress. Parents are welcome to discuss this progress on an informal basis at any time and on a formal basis twice a year. Appointment times are arranged for the formal Parent’s meetings.

With praise and encouragement each child can develop at his or her own pace. Not all activities take place within the nursery itself; we have lots of outings in connection with topics and projects covered in the nursery.


Inside and outside of each room in the nursery you’ll find up to date information, newsletters, children’s planning, current topics and news on visitors meetings etc.  Parents and Carers are also kept up to date with what’s going on in the nursery in our monthly Parent Group Newsletters. The Newsletter provides information including all the latest news on current topics, forthcoming outings and fundraising events etc.

Policies and Procedures

A copy of our nursery’s Policies and Procedures can be found in the main corridor of the nursery and all Parents are welcome to inspect them at any time. Our policies are intended to act as guidelines for good practice and are in place to ensure the well being of all children. They are considered to be working documents and are subject to change in order to meet the demands of changing priorities, conditions and regulations.


Parents and Carers receive feedback on a daily basis from your child’s Keyworker which enables you to discuss your child’s individual progress, needs and development. Questionnaires are also collated and shared with Parents annually.


All visitors gain access to the nursery by ringing the buzzer and the Nursery Manager, Deputy Manager or Room Senior will escort the visitor within the nursery.  Signage is in place.

If any child is to be collected by any other person other than their Parent or Carer, this has to be authorised by the Parent or Carer. In the interest of your child’s safety you should advise the member of staff responsible for the care of your child who this person will be so that he or she will not be collected by someone unknown to our staff. A password is pre arranged with the Parent as a double check on security. This avoids difficult situations when a child cannot be allowed to leave with an adult who is not known to our staff. This person should be over the age of 16.


A register of all children attending the nursery class is kept. If your child is unable to attend nursery, for any reason, please make sure you notify us before 10 am or 12 noon for afternoon sessions. A telephone call or a message passed on by another Parent is sufficient.

Regular attendance is important so that the children benefit from the experiences and learning. A system of calling has been introduced to enquire about a child if he or she hasn’t turned up for nursery; this ensures that all children are safe and accounted for.

Suitable Clothing

Children have the best fun when they are doing creative work. We ask you not to bring children in their best or expensive clothing. We will always make sure they wear aprons but accidents do happen so please always dress your child in suitable clothes.

Toilet Training

If your child is toilet training please provide plenty of underwear and spare clothes as accidents do happen.


It is very important that we are informed of any medication which has been given to your child.

We will administer medication after the first dosage (after an exclusion period of 24 hrs if anti biotics).  Parents will be asked to complete a medication form and all medication must be taken home at the end of the day. All medicine will be recorded in the Medicine Book which parents will be asked to confirm consent.

If your child suffers from asthma you must tell the staff if there are any activities or specific circumstances which are likely to bring on an attack.

If your child suffers from an allergic reaction you must tell the nursery staff of the specific circumstances which are likely to bring about this reaction and also what treatment is appropriate when a reaction occurs.


It is our policy not to admit children onto the premises who have contracted a contagious illness such as conjunctivitis, ear infections, diarrhoea and vomiting etc. An exclusion list is displayed in the main entrance.

If your child becomes unwell at nursery you will be obliged to come and collect your child from the nursery as soon as possible.

Minor Accidents & Upsets

Parents will be notified if their child has had an accident, if medical treatment is required the parent or emergency contact will be notified whenever possible.

In Case of Emergency

We make every effort to maintain a full educational service, but on occasions circumstances arise which lead to disruption. In such cases we will do all we can to let you know about the details of closure or re opening. If for any reason the nursery classes have to be closed without previous notice having been given to Parents, every care will be taken to supervise the children and to contact all Parents.

Parents please note that the nursery does not carry insurance to cover the loss of valuable items or toys.

Opening Times

We offer the option of full or half days on a fixed basis. Our opening times are 7.30am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday. We are open 51 weeks of the year.

Tel: 01698 823456 – Ask for


All rooms enjoy their own spacious adventure filled, fully enclosed garden designed with each age group in mind. The Gardens are fully equipped with a wide range of exciting outdoor equipment which not only provides the children with fun, fresh air and lots of exercise, it also helps them to develop physical skills.
All Garden areas are extremely safe and secure and all children are supervised at all times.


To make applying and registering with Bright Starts Children’s Nursery as simple as possible, we have made the most commonly required forms and information available here as Adobe PDF files.


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