Parent 1

Bright Starts cared for both of our children from when they were 9 months of age until the Friday before they started primary one and the standard of that care was always first rate.  The children were always happy to be dropped off, and always came home with happy and amusing stories.  The prox

Parent 2

Here are some points that busy parents like us will appreciate – the provision of healthy meals and snacks for the children.  Whilst the staff never really got my son to eat soup, he did get over his aversion to tomatoes with their kind perseverance!  The fact that the nursery is open pretty m

Parent 3

Children’s’ activities and progress is recorded on tablets within each room, with accompanying photographs.  Parents then receive an email asking them to log into their account and see what learning milestones their child has achieved.  I travel for work from time to time, and it’s been gr

Parent 4

The manager and staff at the nursery are always friendly and approachable.  They are happy to talk to you about what your child has been up to that day and (more importantly) will tell you if their behaviour has been less than stellar(!).  A recent and valuable introduction to the parental feedb