Bright Starts – Dunfermline


‘She has loved loved everyday she has been at nursery and I have never worried about her which has made my life so much easier’

‘You are very special people with patience of a saint my child would not be so ready for primary school without so many of you and your kindness and fun’

‘Thank you all for looking after me and helping me. I have loved my time at Bright Starts Nursery and made some really good friends ‘

‘They have both been very happy  at Bright Starts and have blossomed in your care. I know all 3 of us will miss you guys a lot. We have came away with lots of great memories and we thank you girls for that’

My 4 year old son started bright starts at 10 Months old and has loved it ever since.  At 18 months old he was diagnosed with low muscle tone in his ankles and needed extra support and encouragement with splints and standing frame to help build the strength in his ankles to enable him to stand.  The nursery staff were of excellent support and made it their priority to help him and made sure everything was in place to help him. He finally walked at 2 1/2 years old and took his first steps in the toddler room. I remember walking in and 1 member of staff was filming him on the ipad to show me in case i missed it and the other encouraging him, both nearly in floods of tears and so proud of him for finally doing it. Due to his mobility problems other areas of his development were delayed which he has now caught up on and the nursery played a big factor in helping him catch up with his peers. He’s never looked back and is now 100% mobile is a thriving happy little boy, thank you Bright Starts!