Bright Starts – Dunfermline

General Information

Partnerships with Parents

Here at Bright Starts we understand that partnerships with Parents are key in order to enhance children’s learning and development. Below are a few ways in which we encourage this partnership and communication.
Our main notice board keeps you up to date with nursery news and other important information
Whiteboards outside each room detail the day’s activities
Daily chats with staff about your child
Daily email feedback for each child
Regular Parents evenings with your child’s key worker
Open door policy – parents can visit at any time and spend time with their child in nursery
Call us on 01383 624 409 at anytime to ask for information or to speak to the staff in your child’s room.

Early Learning and Childcare

We work in partnership with fife council to provide early learning and childcare funded places for children age 3-5 years.

Care Inspectorate

We are regulated and inspected by the care inspectorate. Read our latest care inspectorate report here.

Snacks and Meals

– We pride ourselves at the Nursery with our approach to nutritional foods.
– All our meals are freshly cooked daily in our own kitchen by our qualified chef who provides a wide variety of nutritious, healthy snack and meals to suit all dietary and cultural requirements.
– Our menus are on a four week rota and are displayed on our parent’s notice board.
– Water is available to all children throughout the day.
– Snacks and meals are included in the fees.
– Vegetarian options are available.
– We accommodate children with any special dietary requirements.

Working with Parents

Settling in – Leaving your child for the first time in nursery can be an extremely anxious time for both child and Parent, we therefore try and make this process as positive an experience possible for all new families.We therefore offer settling in sessions so that your child can get acquainted with other children and staff. These short visits enable the child to build their confidence, become familiar with their new found surroundings and caring staff team. At first we encourage all new parents to spend some time, sharing with us the needs of their child, their likes and dislikes and each individual child’s stage of development. This is done through the use of Personal Plans enabling us to create a firm link between nursery and home.

Keyworker System

Using the positive Attachment Theory each child will be able to bond with a Keyworker. This enables each child to separate from parent to carer to form a positive relationship. The selected Keyworker will be responsible in meeting each child’s development needs and requirements. This will furthermore help to promote every aspect of each child’s independence.Each Keyworker works alongside each child to develop a working partnership which helps achieve an in depth, insight into the progress of your child. Online journals are used to document each child’s daily information, from Observations to Daily Diaries.These are invaluable as they inform you of your child’s day at Nursery, forming a two way link of  communication. This also encourages staff/parental feedback on a daily basis.

Children’s Progress

Our children’s progress is monitored and recorded using our online learning journals staff update these regularly with observations and photographs. Parents can access the learning journals at anytime with their own unique password. Parents are welcome to discuss there children’s progress at an informal basis at anytime and at parents evenings.
Each child is an individual and is encouraged and challenged to develop at his or her own pace.

Policies and Procedures

A copy of our nursery’s Policies and Procedures can be found in the main corridor of the nursery and all Parents are welcome to inspect them at any time. Our policies are intended to act as guidelines for good practice and are in place to ensure the well being of all children. They are considered to be working documents and are subject to change in order to meet the demands of changing priorities, conditions and regulations.


In and around the nursery you’ll find up to date information, newsletters, children’s planning, current topics and news. Parents and Carers are kept up to date with what’s going on in the nursery in our monthly Parent Group Newsletters. The Newsletter provides information including all the latest news on current topics, forthcoming outings and fundraising events etc.

Daily Feedback

Our friendly professional staff give personal verbal feedback on  daily basis. Staff record this feedback on our dayshare system, and will also email it to you at the end of your child’s day.


At bright starts a secure entry system is in place.


It is our policy not to admit children onto the premises who have contracted a contagious illness such as conjunctivitis, ear infections, diarrhoea and vomiting etc. An exclusion list is displayed in the main entrance.

If your child becomes unwell at nursery you will be obliged to come and collect your child from the nursery as soon as possible.

In Case of Emergency

We make every effort to maintain a full educational service, but on occasions circumstances arise which lead to disruption. In such cases we will do all we can to let you know about the details of closure or re opening. If for any reason the nursery classes have to be closed without previous notice having been given to Parents, every care will be taken to supervise the children and to contact all Parents.
Parents please note that the nursery does not carry insurance to cover the loss of valuable items or toys.

Policies and Procedures

A copy of our nurseries policies and procedures can be found in the parent’s area for parents to view at any time. Our policies are intended to act as guidelines for good practice and are in place to ensure the wellbeing of all children. They are considered to be working documents are subject to change in order to meet the demands of changing priorities, conditions and regulations.