Bright Starts – Bridge of Allan

Mission statement

We aim to provide a safe, stimulating, encouraging and inspiring environment in which children can grow and learn at their own individual pace.

We put people at the centre of all of our decisions and judge success by the difference we make to children and families’ lives.

We value Parents and Carers as partners in children’s learning and development.

Our mission

To enrich the lives of our childcare users, our team and anybody we do business with by offering bespoke childcare services, executed eloquently by our highly devoted and impeccably trained staff.

From the children and parents who engage our services to our employes, we treat them as one big family and consistently exhibit the reliability and excellence we pride ourselves on.

Our community

We strive to do business in a free-thinking manner and envisage our business as having a positive impact on society, not just in the present but also in the generations to come. Ultimately we wish to mould our childcare services to encompass the provision of good and useful education, along with emphasis on sport and healthy living. Our efforts will make a real positive difference in the communities in which we operate by developing your children and the future of our communities to their full potential.

Our promise

Bespoke childcare services are delivered for your convenience and satisfaction not for the benefit of staff or business proprietors. We promise to pay attention to your needs and to do our utmost to tailor our childcare services to your requirements as far as possible. We will endeavour to earn your trust and your endorsement, to exceed your expectations every time. On the odd occasion we get it wrong, we will do everything to get it right.

Aims and Objectives

To provide a high quality service for children and their families.

To provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment through a balance of directed and free choice activities aimed at all round child development.

To encourage children to develop independence, self direction and self control.

To develop self expression through various activities including drama, music, storytelling, science and other forms of play and activities.

To provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere through the development of excellent child, staff and Parent partnerships.

To ensure a safe environment which protects children from harm, abuse and neglect at all times.

To develop mutual respect for individual and cultural differences.

To maintain a systematic monitoring and self evaluation system that ensures continuous development of the service.

The techniques we use include:

Creative Play

– Arts & Crafts
– Music & Arts

Imaginative Play

– Acting & Interpretation
– Role Play

Energetic Play

– Aerobic Exercise
– Balls & Games
– Climbing
– Manipulative
– Team Participation

Language, Communication & Literacy

– Alphabet
– Language Development
– Listening
– Modern Foreign Language
– Phonics
– Storytelling
– Writing

Finding Out

– Around The World
– The Body
– Electricity & Magnetism
– ICT – Information & Communication Technologies
– Light & Colour
– Observation
– Space


– Road Safety